Hot to Add Logo and Site Title

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard, click on the Appearance » Customize » Logos & Site Title.
  2. Under the Logo label, upload a default version of your logo image;
    • If you have already added the logo image, you may select it from Media Library by clicking on the Select Logo button.
    • It is also possible to crop the logo image on the fly. If cropping is no needed, simply skip this step.
  3. After this upload, Retina Logo upload form will appear, use it to upload the retina version of your logo.
  4. Publish.

Logo Width

You can easily adjust the maximum logo image width with a slider under Logo Width section.  

Site Title and Tagline

Site Title is your website’s name. A tagline is a short phrase, or sentence, used to convey the essence of the site. Site Title and Tagline will be displayed in the title bar of a web browser. To set or change Site Title and Tagline go to:

  1. in WordPress Dashboard, click on the Appearance » Customize » Logo and navigate to the Site Identity Group.
  2. Under the Site Title label, in the text field enter the name of your site.
  3. Under theTagline label, in the text field enter the short description of your site.
  4. Publish.

Beneath this settings, you can find the toggle button. The toggle button will enable you to hide or display tagline below the logo.

Site Icon

Site icon is a unique icon for your site. It is displayed in your visitor’s browser tab, as a bookmark, and within the WordPress mobile apps. Suggested image is squared, minimum 512px in width and 512px in height.

  • Under the Site Icon label upload site icon image or choose one already uploaded in your media gallery.
  • In the section that opens out, click the Add Logo button to open the Media Manager. Upload a new image, or select one that’s already in your Media Library.
  • Click Set as logo, and you will see your logo appear in the preview window.
  • Click the Save & Publish button at the bottom right of the Customizer to activate the logo on your site.